Pricing Solar

Pricing Solar Power – Sunshine Coast

The cost of materials has become unstable over the last few months, due to the falling Australian dollar and additional import duties which have been retrospectively imposed on importers.

Please Contact Us for current pricing and availability.

Note – see below in “what you need to know” for current REC price, Solar Site Analysis Price etc.


Tin Roof –

Pricing Tin Jan 2015 Trina:SMA  (Solar Credits Pricing for 2015  1x REC multiplier – Sunshine Coast installations).


Tile Roof –

Tile pricing  – Currently being updated  (Solar Credits Pricing for Sunshine Coast installations).

Note – This pricing is for brackets that mount directly to the roof trusses (rather than an externally mounted bracket screwed through your tiles into a batten as some other installers do).

Tilted Array – Flat Roof –

Tilt pricing – Currently being updated   (Solar Credits Pricing for Sunshine Coast installations).

Note tilted arrays are suitable for flat or shallow pitch (less than 10 degrees) roofs, additional racking may be required for wind load requirements depending on the exposure of the site, angle of tilt etc.


Cost Savings –

Pay back periods  – Pay back periods Aug2014 REC$35 PV only  (Based on 1 x REC Multiplier Pricing for Domestic Sunshine Coast installations with REC’s at $35 ).


What you need to know –

The QLD government has reduced the feed in tariff to 6c / kWh, so oversizing systems has little benefit, unless a Hybrid (grid connect with battery) system is installed.

Changes to the QLD connection regulations now allows for export limited systems up to 30kVA to be installed.


Pricing relevant to the “Solar Credits Scheme” is based on the current value of REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) which are now termed STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates).

We endeavor to keep pricing up to date with the current value of REC’s, however the REC market value is subject to change without notice.


REC’s can only be created after a renewable energy system is commissioned, you have 12 months from the commission date in which to create your REC’s.   Latest info on REC’s available from ORER’s website.

The following link view REC prices/ shows the current REC price (this REC price applies to Payment Option B of our pricing guides).


Solar credits REC’s can only be created in accordance with the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Regulations – Please view our RECs page for details on the “Solar Credits Scheme” which has recently been passed into legislation.

If you receive a quote from a company that doesn’t include a site specific estimate of power output (based on actual roof orientation / tilt and effects of shading), that company is not following the Clean Energy Council Design Guidelines – this is a requirement of ORER to ensure that your REC’s will be credible.  The following link shows why you should Choose Voltmaster for your Sunshine Coast Grid Connected Solar Power system.


Contact Us for free information or to organise a Site Specific Solar Analysis  *Note – charges now apply for Solar Site Analysis, starting at $99 incl GST

(Sunshine Coast only)
 which includes 1 Hr labour, however where a complex shading analysis is required, additional labour is charged at $66 / Hr incl GST.  (Note – A complex shading analysis typically costs around $220 and provides you with a detailed output report showing expected power for each month of the year and cost savings / payback times compared to your own daytime electricity usage).
Why do we charge for this service ?
Unfortunately there are many operators who do not Design (or install) to industry BEST PRACTISE and they do not provide an accurate solar site analysis to you.  We are no longer able to provide this service for free while the shonky operators dodge this CEC requirement altogether, we are therefore forced to charge a fee for our expertise in this area.
How accurate is this output report ?  Recent case studies of jobs with significant shading over a one year period have produced an actual output of 106%  compared with our report, the report includes a 5% derating for dirt and 3% for manufacturing tolerance; Since the panels were not very dirty, this means they are producing within one or two percent of the annual power shown in the output report.
Our Voltmaster Difference  Page has more info on Solar Site Analysis etc.

The Prices in the above Pricing guide include all materials, installation, commissioning, electrical work and submission of Forms to Energex for Solar Power installations on the Sunshine Coast.

We also install larger 3-phase systems, please Contact Us for prices and performance of these.