What are REC’s ?

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) can be created once a renewable energy system has been commissioned, and can be sold to electricity intensive industries in order for them to comply with the government’s Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (RET).

The number of REC’s that you can create depends on the nameplate capacity of the installed PV Array and your location / postcode (different geographic areas in Australia generate different amounts of power and have different marginal intensities with respect to electricity generation and distribution costs).

REC’s effectively ensure that electricity intensive industries help to fund the uptake of renewable energy.

Small Scale Solar power system’s REC’s are referred to as STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates).


When you install Solar Power, you can either create these REC’s yourself, or let a registered REC agent create and sell them for you.   –  more info ORER’s website.




PV generators installed after 31 Dec 2010 that qualify as an eligible SGU (Small Generation Unit) are able to create STC’s (small-scale technology certificates) which can be sold through the either the STC clearing house at a fixed price of $40 / REC – although the actual price / STC is slightly less than this after REC agent fees are taken into account, or through the wholesale REC market.

The following link has current REC / STC prices STC prices for the wholesale market.


The STC clearing house is administered by ORER (the government regulator), and is to be cleared once per quarter depending on market demand and these STC’s are sold on a first in first served basis, unfortunately the clearing house doesn’t seem to clear, so anyone wanting financial recompense in a timely manner will be best selling REC’s on the wholesale market.   more info ORER’s website.


You have 12 months from the date the the PV generator is commissioned in which to create the STC’s.